atomi x Tadanori Yoshimoto fan art

atomi is proud to present to you our second art exhibition A Fan Art Exhibition featuring a wide range of Tadanori Yoshimoto's fan art, postcard and table top art. Yoshimoto is a Japanese artist, a fan writer and a novelist. He is currently now an advisor to Adachi Museum in Shimane, Japan, which is known for its beautiful Japanese garden.

All the fans created by Yoshimoto are hand drawn by himself, making every single piece of artwork unique. Both sides of the fan are beautifully drawn with different designs. Due to its uniqueness, each piece carries its own name and title.

The term 花(か)扇画(せんが) (Flower Fan Art) was coined by Yoshimoto himself. Flower Fan Art is not classified as Japanese-style or Western paint- ing. Yoshimoto believes that it belongs to 'modern art' category, which is made in mixed medium. The materials include Japanese-style pigments, wa- tercolours, acrylic colours, and gel inks.