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100% Pure Essential Oil_Made in Japan

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A series of aroma blends made from 100% pure essential oil. Indulge yourself in the various blends and help soothe your body, relax your mind and be ready for what’s ahead for you!


Woody Times: Calming effects & relieves irritation

Floral Garden: makes you feel happier and helps drive away negative thoughts

Fresh Green: Relieves tiredness & helps you feel refreshed

Purity: Soothes respiratory issues caused by allergy; has antibacterial & anti-virus effects

Lemon: relieves exhaustion & helps you focus

Citrus Herb: refreshing scent to cheer up your exhausted mind; mild floral scent helps you relax and feel more balanced

Fancy Bergamot: Calming effects, helps to life your moods & helps relieve irritation 

Citrus Cocktail: Mood lifting effects & helps you feel at peace