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atomi Mooncake

Together, atomi and The Pine Garden present confectioneries that celebrate the international culture of gifting. Hidden within every exquisite Japanese wood craftsmanship, are the delectable local flavours that tug at the heartstrings of every Singaporean. Experience the quality and savour the joy from the moment you receive the gift, til the very last bite you take.

The mooncakes are enclosed in customizable wooden boxes from Gifu, Japan.

The making of wooden boxes requires a meticulous and detailed process that requires excellent craftsmanship. Every wooden board has to be precisely measured and combined to create a good finish.

Reuse your gift box to store your favourite fashion accessories, stationeries. tableware or even snacks.

*Pre-order of mooncake sets starts now and collection will only be ready by early September. Customers will be contacted once ready for collection.