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Sarcle Series - Panel

The Sarcle Series is designed with the concept of being able to adapt to any situation.

Made of Solid Oak and Urethane Coat

a. Circle desk panel
 w52 x d4.9 x h 25.5 cm \ ($380)
b. Clip button w2.5 x d 2.5 x h2 cm ($8)
c Book stand w2.5 x 14 x h 10 cm ($38)

d Tray w10 x d8 x h 2.5 cm ($28)
e. Pen ring w 10 x d 8 x h 2.5 cm ($23)
f. Pen Tray w 22 x d 8 x h 2.5 cm ($58)

Material: Solid oak, Urethane paint, 
Steel (desk panel) 
* colour is white only