Masubuchi-en Green Tea from the Gifu Prefecture

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Located in the hilly mountainous part of the Shirakawa Town is the small village of Higashi Hirakawa. This village is well known for their tea production in Japan due to the favorable highland climate most suitable for tea growing. The steep terrain, large diurnal temperature difference and fog results in the production of aromatic tea with rich flavors.

Coupled with traditional methods of tea production, our maker – Masubuchi-en produces tea with its distinctive scent. They married the modern and traditional tea manufacturing methods and developed their own unique way of manufacturing tea.

Traditional tea manufacturing method includes the process of ‘wilting’ where freshly picked leaves are spread on the soil between farms, screened and then brought to the factory. Today, tea manufacturing eliminates the process of wilting, where fresh leaves are preferred and prepared immediately. This is done so to not damage the umami ingredients resulting in tea that is less fragrant.

In order to harness the advantages of both methods of manufacturing tea, makers at Masubuchi-en developed their own process of tea manufacturing. Instead of letting tea leaves go through the full-fermentation process, the tea leaves are spread in the room to undergo micro-fermentation through internal oxygen updated to let them wilt slightly. The tea leaves are then wrapped and turned over for 15 hours. Using this unique method, the maker is then able to create tea that has both high-intensity scent and the unique flavors of the tea leaves.

The rich flavor of the tea leaves allows them to be consumed in many different methods beyond the traditional tea brewing method. Here, we showcase several ways by which you can enjoy the tea produced by Masubuchi-en.


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