Happy Father's Day!

"What is one favourite thing you love about your father?"

"He usually doesn't say that he loves me but he shows me."

Denecia, our management associate, answers with a smile when she shares about her father. 

Dads are often a little shy with their words of affection but their love for their children is never lesser compared to Mums. They work hard to support the family without complains, they fund your education, teach you things about life that you don't learn in school-He makes sure that you grow up, knowing how to be a responsible and sensible adult.  

"What do you think is a perfect gift for your father?"

"I guess an easy and most practical way is to treat him to a nice meal but I'm not really into that. It always feels nice and heart warming to receive a thoughtful gift from your loved one, and to a dad, I believe it will be the same. Just like any men, my dad would love to have something practical and functional as a gift. So I would pick the 2-way water-repellant backpack for him because he loves using backpacks for work, for travels and for shopping."

"Oh did I mention that he loves bags with lots of compartments so this is great!"

Our intern, Yi Min, also agrees that a thoughtful and usable gift would be great for her father. 

"I would pick the Ouur by Kinfolk Porcelain Mug for my dad to complement his daily coffee fix."

A little appreciation to your dad this Father's Day is bound to make his day. Have you found your way to thank your special hero at home this Father's Day?