The Fine Art Of Beer Appreciation

Most people might think - A glass is just a glass, but there is much more to a beer glass when it comes to beer appreciation.

Each beer glass is distinctly designed to accentuate a certain aroma and flavour of a particular style. Finding the right beer glass is important because it encourages the drinker to pick up the true experience and aroma the brewer intended.  A variety of beer glass styles enhances the drinking experience, allowing hidden nuances to come forward.

Thin Beer Glass Set

Thin Beer Glass Set

 A delicate and attractive beer glass set with 3 different glass types, making it suitable for any occasions. In order to ensure its durability, it is made with a full surface ion reinforcement process. Presented in a wooden box, it is a perfect gift option. 

Apart from bringing in European-style furniture, this October, we are bringing in a tinge of Bavarian culture into ACTUS häuse - our very own Oktoberfest!

Join us at our happy hour to learn more about the art of enjoying great beer the right way, with a complimentary Thinning Beer Glass Set (U.P.: $68) for you to bring home. Simply click the link below for more details on our event: