Happy Halloween!

Halloween is around the corner! It is finally the time of the year when people go around houses dressed up in their favourite cartoon character shouting TRICK OR TREAT! It is the season fun, creativity and jump scaresssss.

Have you planned on what to do for Halloween? Or are you looking for ideas for your Halloween party? Read on to see what atomi has prepared for our Halloween party!

Halloween is all about trick or treat and that is what we will be doing, except that it will be more of treat AND treat. We are making Halloween cocktails and desserts for our customers who have shown us love and support!

Besides the food and drinks, we have lucky draw and photo taking sessions as well! We will get everyone to participate in the lucky draw and the lucky ones will get more treats from us while the others might have to face some forfeit! 

We will post some pictures of the event so follow us on our instagram @atomi_jp and facebook @atomipteltdsingapore for more updates! 

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