Come Experience the Taste of Tradition This Mid-Autumn Festival

A Japanese lifestyle retailer and a homegrown heartland bakery – What can the two
possibly have in common?

The answer lies in their very core value: Illuminating wisdom and recreating beauty from past traditions into our everyday lives.

Together, atomi and The Pine Garden present confectioneries that celebrate the
international culture of gifting. Hidden within every exquisite Japanese wood
craftsmanship, are the delectable local flavours that tug at the heartstrings of every
Singaporean. Experience the quality and savour the joy from the moment you receive the gift, till the very last bite you take.


We have three different types of mooncakes available for you:

1. 经典双享木锦盒 atomi’s double mooncake set

2. 独家双层木锦盒 atomi’s double happiness mooncake set

3. 家庭共享木锦盒 atomi’s four mooncake set


The mooncakes are enclosed in customizable wooden boxes from Gifu, Japan. The making of wooden boxes requires a meticulous and detailed process that requires excellent craftmanship. Every wooden board has to be precisely measured and combined to create a good finish.

Reuse your gift box to store your favourite fashion accessories, stationeries. tableware or even snacks.

When dedicated drivers from two distinct industries have their visions aligned, the
end-product is a uniquely curated gift of local flavours, ready to take on international taste buds.

atomi x The Pine Garden, bringing heritage to your modern everyday life.