atomi x Robinsons Collaboration

Since August 2019, the collaboration fuses the iconic Robinsons brand with atomi’s aesthetics, deeply rooted in Japanese history and heritage. The handpicked collection, which will feature not just Japanese kids, bedding and dining products, but also the ever-popular Scandinavian-inspired furniture from different designers and regions, is an expression of the Native Japanese culture and away for different designs from around the world to integrate their perspectives and identity into this new retail pop up launch.




While atomi specializes in coveted Japanese brands, renowned for their quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail by artisans who create them, ACTUS häuse by atomi, strives to bring a feeling of simplicity, honesty and quality through European-style furniture and lifestyle items from all around the world by marrying comfort and functionality with clean lines and attractive designs which will suit all homes. 

”We’re honoured to be working with a big and established retail brand like Robinsons for this living, kids and outdoors collection,” said Andrew Tan, Managing Director of atomi. “The idea of Robinsons has really captured the true essence of popular retail. You can be promised that we are just as excited to share these items with both loyal atomi and Robinsons customers very soon!” “This is something new that we have not tried. Of course, we hope that through this journey, we are able to promote atomi to Robinsons, and in the process, open new avenues for customers to create a more vibrant shopping experiences.” In the name of fun and exciting shopping experience, atomi will feature unique and interesting monthly social events for customers and fans to mingle and soak in the festivities.

Till then, we hope to see you soon at our pop-up.


アトミは商品の品質、職人技術、そして細やかな気配りをモットーとする日本のブランドを専門に扱っています。一方ACTUS häuse by atomiでは、メイドインジャパンにこだわらず、世界中の様々なヨーロッパのシンプル、高品質で機能的なデザインの商品や家具を取り揃えております。atomiのマネージメントディレクターであるアンドリュー・タンは次のように述べています。「ロビンソンズ百貨店のような大手のリテールショップとリビング、キッズ用品、そしてアウトドアコレクションのコラボレーションができる事はとても光栄です。atomiの商品をより多くの人に知って頂ける事がとても楽しみです。今後お客様がもっと充実した買い物をしていだける用、atomiでは月に一回イベントを開催しています。是非そちらの方にも足を運んでいただき、atomiやACTUS häuseの商品を知って頂けたらと思います。」



Showcase of our Robinsons Products

As you navigate to Level 5 towards the Penthouse Section, you will find our Robinsons x atomi showcase of furniture items.


The first thing you notice would be our PICNIC TABLE set consisting our picnic tables and stools.


Click on the links to find out more:

Picnic Table

Picnic Stool

Subsequently, your will also notice our LUNA Outdoor set, consisting of our LUNA Square Table, LUNA Stool and our LUNA Director Chair.


LUNA Square Table

LUNA Director Chair

LUNA Stool

As you walk further in, you will notice our Living and Dining Collection of products consisting of H.W.F. Dining Tables, Chairs, FB 3S Sofa, FBL Rug and Tray Table M. 

奥にはリビングとダイニングのコレクションがあります。H.W.F ダイニングテーブル、イス、FB 3Sソファ、FBLのラグとトレイテーブルをご覧いただけます。

Click on the links to find out more:

H.W.F. Dining Table

H.W.F. Dining Chair

H.W.F. Dining Bench

FB 3S Sofa (Display in Robinsons: Fabric - Rank 4 Solid Navy)


Tray Table M

Lastly, as you turn round the bend, you will notice our Bedroom and Study Collections, consisting of our Comfy Dresser and Stool, Foppish Desk, Sarcle Chair, Vario Storage Set and RAFA Teen and Bunk Bed. 


Click on the links to find out more:

Comfy Dresser and Stool

RAFA Bunk Bed

RAFA Teen Bed



VARIO Storage Set



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