Achieve your Christmas dream home, with ACTUS häuse


Looking for the perfect designer furniture to achieve your ideal Christmas dream home interior? Established in 1969 with 72 stores across Japan currently, ACTUS is known for its superior quality living space designs by bringing European-style furniture to the Japanese market. With an emphasis on exceptional quality and time-honoured craftsmanship, ACTUS häuse offers affordable yet affluent furniture that is minimalist, functional and long-lasting. 
ACTUS häuse’s items are sourced from various high-end brands from around the world, such as the kid's collection from the Netherlands to home accessories from Denmark. From customizable kids furniture to comfortable dining interior, shop from a myriad of Nordic style furniture at ACTUS häuse.
    For your Christmas dining interior, check out the H.W.F dining set. The H.W.F series is inspired by vintage Scandinavian furniture. Combining the technology originally used to make vintage furniture with a fresh modern touch, the products are made relevant to the modern-day lifestyle. With an extendable table function, the dining series is versatile in catering to different family gathering needs.
    Create your own personalised bedroom for your kids with the TEMPO series with its modular components. TEMPO" means time in Italian, and the unique feature of the Tempo Series collection is that it is designed to stay by you and accompany the growth of your children for many years,
through its customizable modular components.
   Looking for storage space for kids? Children-friendly and space-saving, the VARIO series gives you the freedom to fully customize your own storage space with its various modular components.
For a modern yet simple single bed suitable for teenagers, check out the RAFA bed. The minimal and compact stairs provide a clean look to this children's bed and ample space for hanging decorations around your bed. With its high height, use it on its own or pair it with the RAFA teen bed to create a fun and playful cosy corner. By changing the arrangement of the bed parallel or perpendicular,
you can easily change the mood of the room.
 For outdoor Christmas parties and barbeque, the outdoor picnic set table is the perfect dining set. With stackable stools and foldable table set, this picnic table set is compact and highly functional.
Pair it with the UNA grill, for an unforgettable grilling and barbeque housewarming party. A smart, compact and portable charcoal grill, the UNA grill is not only easy to set up but also easy to clean. Featuring 2 different grill heights and slots for skewers and a sturdy leather strap handle,
the UNA grill is compact yet convenient. 
The J39 Dining Chair, also known as the People’s Chair, is one of Borge Mogensen’s most iconic designs. Crafted using hand-woven paper cord sheets, this masterpiece was inspired by the culture of the Mediterranean Region. Visually appealing, modern and functional, get this unique chair in stock in our stores today and a touch of Scandinavian elegance to your Christmas interior look. 
Unlike atomi’s distinctly Japanese aesthetic, ACTUS häuse bears more of a resemblance to Nordic and European designs, similar to the Nordic concept of hygge. At the same time, the furniture and accessories under the Actus brand retains the Japanese ethos of simplicity, honesty and quality. 

At ACTUS häuse, there is something for everyone, whether you are looking to buy gifts for Christmas gift exchanges, or designer furniture and finishing touches for your Christmas housewarming parties.
Indulge in our fantastic exclusive Christmas offers in-store,
and treat yourselves and your loved ones today!