A Plate For All Occasions


Join ACTUS häuse as we eat through a day of yummy and delicious food! Featuring our latest ceramic spotted plate, handmade in Poland. 


Rise and Shine! What would your ideal morning breakfast be?

Assorted finger sandwiches with a side of a colourful and vibrant fruit bowl?

Or would you rather go local? A traditional Singaporean breakfast of Kaya Butter Toast and Kopi-C to start of the day.


It's time for lunch, let's have some Korean food! 

How about a colourful yet healthy bowl of bibimbap to keep yourself going throughout the day?

Going for a lighter option? Maybe a kimbap would be an alternative choice.

Tea Time

Reward yourself with some delicious mid-day treats! 

A cute and colourful cake to brighten a lazy afternoon. 

A simple and minimalistic plate that is suitable for all occasions, cuisine and everyday living.  

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