A Gift from ACTUS häuse

Finding the best Christmas presents for family and friends can be stressful on the run-up to the big day. It’s ACTUS Japan' 50th Anniversary this year, and to commemorate our exclusive partnership with our Japanese retailer, we have specially extended an exclusive Christmas special to you, our valued customer. Check out our 12 Days to Christmas Campaign featuring our specially curated selections on our online store, and head down to ACTUS häuse for exclusive Christmas deals off our regular priced items.

Simplicity. Minimalism. Functionality. At ACTUS häuse our Japanese lifestyle products are delicately crafted and influenced by Nordic design elements of muted clean lines and light wood. From kitchenware, glassware for Christmas dinner parties to gifts for kids and corporate businessmen, there is something special for anyone.
Minimalist yet highly functional, the form and curvature of each Hibito glass is specifically designed for its various uses. One of our best sellers in ACTUS, the Hibito glasses come in various designs each suited for specific beverages - wine and shochu glass, glass and water glass; perfect as gifts for Christmas parties.
Made of vitreous enamel, the NODA casserole has high thermal conductivity and is suitable to be used for induction cooking at low to medium heat. With no metal ion generation involved, rest assured that the NODA enamel casserole ensures quality and safe food preservation for this festive season.
Brighten up your Christmas living interior and create a welcoming home with this beautiful Homlegaard lantern type candle holder. Homlegaard was founded in 1823 in Denmark and is a familiar brand of royal warrant for the Danish.
The Ouur Collection is a lifestyle brand by KINFOLK, from apparels to homewares with a focus on simple designs with classic silhouettes and neutral colour palettes. These stackable bowls are characterized by their matt, sandy texture. These versatile bowls serve various functions - as a container, dining bowl, and the wooden lid may even be used as a tray for food.
For kids, the OUUR collection color pencils are perfect gifts for your little ones. These colour pencils transfer the colour to the paper quickly and evenly, and are ideal for colouring, drawing and illustration.
As for coffeeholics, the OUUR coffee & tea press is the perfect gift for coffee lovers who are passionate about making their own homemade coffee. Made from unique materials of domestic pottery, this coffee press is beautifully sculptured with a unique texture.
For a more budget-friendly gift, we offer a range of premium Japanese coffee packs under the INIC coffee series for quick coffee fixes.
At ACTUS häuse, you can find a huge range of intricately curated premium gifts for everyone. Head down to our physical store, and check out our special showrooms in our boutique at Mandarin Gallery #04-28 today, for exclusive Christmas offers only available in store. Happy festive shopping!