When the Finest Japanese Craftsmanship meets Authentic Japanese Omakase – Hachi Restaurant

Hachi Group re-opened their authentic omakase restaurant – Hachi Restaurant at a new location. Relocated at the National Gallery, Hachi Restaurant continues to bring to guests the authentic Japanese dishes through the omakase dining concept featuring fresh ingredients from Japan. 


Take a peek into how the interior is decked with beautifully crafted chairs supplied from atomi.

To complement the authentic Japanese dining experience, Hachi Group has chosen two chairs from atomi that are handcrafted in Hiroshima, Japan.

 Guests can enjoy watching the chefs prepare the dishes over at the counter as they lounge in the Hiroshima armchair. The Hiroshima armchair features the curved back that is seamlessly joint to the arms, providing one with maximum comfort.


The simple and subtle structure of the chair fits into the restaurant concept, complementing the lightwood table top, directing the focus of guests to the beautifully crafted dishes. The private dining experience at the restaurant is enhanced with the right choice of furniture to express the direction of the Chef.

We have also curated a series of products under their lifestyle section, where diners can shop and dine within the restaurant.

atomi has had the pleasure of working with various established businesses, ranging from restaurants to retail outlets to offices on curating bespoke items for their exclusive sale as well as decking out their working spaces with our furniture pieces. Contact boutique@atomi-jp.com for corporate and wholesale inquiries.


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