How to Make Your Home More Relaxing: A Guide

A relaxing living room, featuring Magenta sofa and Giulio lounge from Hoshina (both available at atomi in-store and online)

As you are already aware, 2020 kicked off on a rough note, and things appear to remain grim as the news stations sing the same choir day after day. This exacerbates the existing stress that you encounter on a daily at your workplace or other social occasions that you have to partake.

There’s nothing that quite beats the feeling of coming home from a long day, changing into comfy clothes, and relaxing in your own little space. As the place where you escape to after the stress of work or hectic woes of life, your home needs to be able to create a serene atmosphere and help you to recharge. 

Realistically speaking, it is indeed difficult to make big changes to your home within a short period of time, and we are aware. This guide is therefore especially designed and curated to help you transform your home into a peaceful abode that you can seek comfort - all in a breeze. 


1. Conquer the Clutter 

Just not too long ago, Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising sets off a decluttering trend across the globe. 

Whether you are an ardent practitioner of the KonMari method or an unapologetic maximalist, it is common knowledge that clutter induces physical and unconscious chaos that exacerbate stress and anxiety. Spend an easy 15 minutes to tidy up that messy cardboard or unattended document stands. You will feel the tension immediately escape the room as you "purge" the items away.


2. Unwind Using Natural Aromatherapy Products

HIBA WOOD CANDLE_TYPE 02 and TYPE 03, both available at atomi (in-store and online) 

Cul de Sac | Hiba Wood Candle Type 2 (Right), $98; Hiba Wood Type 3 (Left), $89 | available on and in-store

Aromatherapy candles and essential oils have gained traction in recent years with certain scents helping to create a sense of well-being and relaxation in the lives of hectic residents of Singapore and other urban cities. It is a readily available cure to relieve your built-up stress for the entire week as you take in the calming scents of aromatherapy, instantly releasing all tensions.

Tokyo's Cul de Sac brings in a range of high-quality products made from the extracts of Hiba, an aromatic wood native to northern Japan's Aomori prefecture. Historically treasured by the Japanese craftsmen as one of three of the most beautiful trees, along with Kiso hinoki cypress and Akita cedar, Hiba trademarks an uncommon scent and beauty, and a high functionality unparalleled by other woods.

Hiba wood has antibacterial, insect repelling qualities, and above all, it gives off a rich relaxing fragrant. Cul de Sac's Hiba wood candles are infused with essential oil and made in only small batches, ensuring that you get the best quality to yield maximum results for your relaxation needs. 


Cul de Sac | Hiba Wood Reed Diffuser, $130 | available on and in-store

If you're not a fan of candles, Cul de Sac also carries Hiba Wood Reed Diffuser that is safe for families with children as it does not require any flame to work, therefore no messy wax deposits. The intricate reeds made of Hiba Wood also serves as a delicate accent piece to alleviate the mood of your room.

At atomi, we carry other Cul de Sac products serve a wide range of purposes other than aromatherapy, such as the Hiba wood side table, the Hiba Wood Room Spray that is famed for its antiseptic and insect-repelling properties, and other household interior items that can instantly add a natural touch to create a homely ambience. Check or visit us in-store for the full collection.


3. News Detox, at least when you are at home

Most adults check the news every hour. Some constantly monitor their social media feeds which often exposes them to the latest news headlines, whether they like it or not. As a result of media convergence accelerated by digitization and technological advancement, there are thousands of ways for us to keep up-to-date with what is happening around us. Don't get us wrong, it is important to stay informed. However, too much news may have adverse effects on your mental and even physical health. When you are at home, try to cut everything off, and relish the relaxing time at your comfortable abode -- be it spending time with your loved ones, or enjoying moments with yourself.  

4. Rejuvenate Your Room with Plants

Sometimes when we try to relax on weekends, we make our way to the Botanical Gardens or Gardens by the Bay, for example, to immerse ourselves in nature. Why not bring the restorative qualities of emerald escapes indoors? Not only do plants add a verdant pop to your design scheme, but also reduces toxins from indoor spaces and reoxygenate your home. 


5. Take Everything Slow

Singapore is a global hub that is constantly moving at an insane pace that makes us susceptible to continuous cycle of moving faster and pushing ourselves to become more efficient. With so little time on our hands, doing the bare minimum for your home decoration and maintenance can be super attractive in the moment, but is this all beneficial for you in the long-haul? 

It is so important to create time for yourself to be still and be more intentional about slowing down. That is more than just attending a yoga session or starting a daily meditation, which sometimes can be too high a commitment to keep. We are saying that it can be less drastic than that. You can slow down and create your own stillness by changing your habits in everyday routines, say grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning that would have already given you a few minutes to pause and ponder. 

Alternatively, you can take some time to brainstorm your dream home that you wanted when you were younger, and think about the ways that you can make that a reality, or simply make your home a more relaxing and warm place to return to. For instance, the simple change of the colour of your wall or adding a statement piece can transform the mood of any room. 



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