Celebrating Maruni's 90th Anniversary

This year, Maruni celebrates its 90th anniversary with exciting debuts of limited editions.

First is Hiroshima armchair with a beautiful velvet upholstery seat. Wakayama Prefecture has been producing fabric since the 1960s. It is still supplying and upholstering many of the Maruni’s chairs. “ is beautiful velvet material with its long history, combined with Hiroshima chair that was born ten years ago as a symbol of the new Maruni Wood Industry, is not only beautiful but also expresses our attitude towards craftsmanship.” said Maruni.

Another limited edition piece is the T&O chair made from ash wood. e curved strip of steel bridges the back and seat and is finished in powder coated silver lacquer.


In celebration of Maruni's 90th Anniversary, a new grey tone version of Hiroshima armchair and high stool will be launched alongside with the new height of the barstool and table from the T&O collection.

Fukasawa also released the Roundish Arm Chair with a backrest, arms and seat made from a single plywood that has been twisted and bent into an encircling form to provide maximum comfort. When sitting on the chair, one can feel the comfort from being enwrapped. It can provide a gentle and relaxing time whether using as a lounge chair or a dining chair.

Together with Fukasawa, Morrison designed a chair called Fugu. It is made from solid oak and is available in both arms and armless forms. e curved seat and backrest are made with Maruni’s precision cutting technology.

The new and limited edition pieces from Maruni are now available at atomi. Chat with us or drop by our store at Mandarin Gallery. 

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