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Bespoke Mooncake Gift Sets

With the mid-autumn festival approaching, mooncakes are probably what first come to mind. For the first time, atomi is collaborating with The Pine Garden to launch bespoke mooncake gift sets. 

Japan is best known for its packaging and gifting culture. This year we present you with nostalgic local flavours packaged within beautifully crafted Japanese wooden boxes from Gifu, Japan. 

A story behind the dainty gift box

The making of these "Made in Japan" boxes require incredible precision and detail, showcasing fine quality and craftsmanship. Every wooden board has to be precisely measured and combined to create a good finish.

The simple and minimalistic design makes these boxes versatile. Available in single or double tiers, these boxes also offer a stackable storage solution. After enjoying the mooncakes, you can reuse your gift box to store your favourite fashion accessories, stationeries. tableware or even snacks. 

atomi Mooncakes

atomi's classic double mooncake set

(2 Baked Skin with Red Bean/Green Bean Paste)

atomi's double mooncake set

(2 Mooncakes of any two flavours)

atomi's double happiness mooncake set

(4 Mooncakes of any two flavours)

Shop now: https://atomi.shop/collections/atomi-mooncake 

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