Beer, Wine, Whisky? Glasses for all occasions.

Glasswares are not only there to hold your drinks. Some glasses are designed specifically to bring out the unique flavour, taste and aroma of your favourite drink. The type of glass used is important in determining your overall drinking experience.


Different beer glasses to complement different types of beer. 

ACTUS häuse Thin Beer Glass Set provides you with 3 different glasses for different beer types. Presented in a wooden box, it is also recommended as a perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Red Wine

Similarly, the type of glasses use affects how much you will enjoy your wine.   

The burgundy glass is ideal for red wine. Wide and round, it accumulates aroma of delicate red wine, directing wine to the tip of one's tongue. 


Champagne flute on the other hand, are narrow with a long stem. It is designed in a way to prevent the heat from the hand from warming the champagne inside. 


Unlike beer and wine, the types of glassware to use for whisky depends on how you want to drink it. 

Enjoy a bourbon or blended whisky in this tumbler. Its thick base reduced flow of heat into the glass, making it an ideal for whisky on rocks. Its upward-tapering shape also prevents flavours from evaporating too quickly, allowing you to better appreciate the taste notes and flavours of the whisky. 


The crystal-like shape of the tumbler brings out pure elegance of the glassware.  Enjoy a cocktail in style, not only do they taste good but also look good. 

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