atomi x Furniture introduces the Maruni 2022 Collection featuring a star-studded lineup of designers!

The Maruni 2022 collection features anticipated designs from world-renowned designers Cecilie Manz, Naoto Fukasawa, and Jasper Morrison, which debuted at the 60th edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano from 7th to 12th June 2022. 

about the EN series by Cecilie Manz

First in the star-studded lineup of the Maruni 2022 collection is the EN series.

EN means one and circle in Danish and represents a connection and destiny in Japanese - a meaningful name for the collection as it is the fruit of the collaborative effort between Danish industrial designer Cecilie Manz and Maruni, the Japanese manufacturer of high-quality wood furnishing.

EN Round Table and Chair

Cecilie birthed the EN collection with the desire to create a round table alongside a chair with matching motifs, which she sees as integral pieces of furniture where we dine, play, work, and spend quality time with our loved ones. Cecilie explained, "a round table gives rise to a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of togetherness – simply by virtue of its circular shape."

The EN tables and chairs are available in Maple wood, chosen for its light tone and wood structure, and fabric or leather seat covers in soft natural shades for the chairs that add to the warm and comforting atmosphere Cecilie intended to create with the EN series.

about the SETO, Hiroshima, and Tako series by Naoto Fukasawa

The 2022 Maruni Collection by designer Naoto Fukasawa features the SETO dining table and Hiroshima wide armchair alongside the Tako cushioned armchair from the previous collection.

SETO draws its name from the Seto Inland Sea, separating three of the four islands that make up Japan - Honsh, Shikoku, and Kysh. Hiroshima, a city in Honsh, is coincidentally the name of the classic armchair by Fukasawa, now available in a more spacious seat with the introduction of the Hiroshima wide armchair. 

SETO Dining Table

The SETO dining table has a solid wood top with gentle curves thanks to its tapered edges. It is a versatile table suitable as a home dining table or office conference desk, especially since the table can go from 1.8 metres to as long as 3.2 metres.

Hiroshima Wide Armchair

Fukasawa first launched the Hiroshima series in 2008, intending to create robust furniture with an indispensable design and luxurious feel that fit any setting, whether in one's home, office, or restaurant.

The gentle curves along the backrest to the arms and tapered edges are a few of its many charms as they accentuate the beauty of natural wood. The new and roomier armchair boasts improved seating comfort for one to lounge comfortably.

Tako Cushioned Armchair

Fukasawa reintroduced the Tako armchair in the Maruni 2021 Collection with an added upholstery that is "thin as macaron yet soft and comfortable to sit".

Its gentle silhouette is reminiscent of the profile of an octopus thanks to its curves in the backrest and armrest, which aided Fukasawa's decision to name the collection Tako.

about the Fugu and T&O series by Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison joins Cecilie Manz and Naoto Fukasawa in the lineup of designers for the Maruni 2022 collection as he presents the Fugu dining table and T1 stackable chair at the international fair for the first time since their launch in 2021.

Fugu piloted in 2020 with a vision to create comfortable solid wood chairs that need no upholstery while the T-shape chair was first conceptualised for the T&O series in 2016. It is a culmination of Maruni's wood cutting technique and metalwork to conceal the leg structure within the seat of the T1 chair.

Fugu Dining Table

Morrison introduced the Fugu dining table in Maruni's 2021 collection to complement the lounge, lobby, and dining chairs Fugu piloted in 2020. The Fugu dining table features an ellipse-shaped tabletop with the same rounded soft edges as the chairs for an overall clean look.

T1 Stackable Chair

Morrison reintroduced the T1 chair with slim metal legs in 2021, allowing one to stack up to six T1 chairs perfect for compact living spaces. Like its predecessor, the T1 stackable chair has a T-shape achieved by connecting the curved strip of colored steel with the wooden seat and back. The contrasting steel and wood elements give the chair a refreshing charm and differentiated edge.


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