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atomi x Furniture 2022 New Collection ft. Chorus and N series by Nissin Furniture Crafters

The atomi x Furniture 2022 collection features living furniture from the Chorus series by designer Tomoyuki Matsuoka and the N series by the designers of Nissin Furniture Crafters, which explores the interplay between space creation and user functionality.

about the Chorus living collection

chorus living collection

The Chorus living collection by designer Tomoyuki Matsuoka is a new addition to the series of Chorus dining chairs and tables launched back in 2019. Tomoyuki firmly believes in and takes on designs that stem from understanding the needs and behavior of the end users, which is evident in his design for this collection. 

chorus lounge chair

chorus lounge chair

The Chorus lounge chair features a massive back and seat fitted within a wooden frame that balances out the softness and hardness of each other. The wooden frame though simple, contrasts and spotlights the beauty of the curves in the cushioned back and seat of the chair, while the curvatures soften the sharp horizontal and vertical lines of the wooden arms and legs.

chorus sofa

chorus sofa

The incorporation of complementary design elements is similarly spotted in the Chorus sofa as the thin wooden frame of the sofa base gives the voluminous sofa body and cushions a light floating impression.

chorus living and side table

chorus living and side table

The Chorus living and side table have a unique asymmetric design that considers a user's body movement and its intended functionality. 

top view of chorus living and side table

The lack of edges on two ends of the living table allows for easy entry and exit to the sofa while the tucked ends of the side table allow the table to be snuggled up close to the user.

about the N living collection

Ovi joins the N living collection, first launched in 2006, as the newest range of TV boards and sideboards by the designers of Nissin Furniture Crafter from Hida, Japan. The Ovi board is a testament to the sophistication of Nissin Furniture Crafters in their woodwork techniques to make simple, functional, and quality modern furniture. 

ovi TV board 

Ovi TV board

ovi sideboard

ovi sideboard

ovi sideboard

The Ovi board feaures sliding tambour doors that efficiently hide your clutter while making your space look more organised as the doors are concealed within the Ovi board when opened. Behind the sliding tambour doors, you will find adjustable shelves, compartments for storing anything from tableware and office supplies to clothes and toys, and a backboard equipped with holes to tuck away your cables. 


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