5 Perfect Housewarming Gifts this Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is less than a week away!

Still not sure what housewarming gift to get for your guest? Don't worry, continue reading!

We have curated 5 exquisite and elegant housewarming gift this Chinese New Year that will be a perfect gift for your guest! 

Here’s a list of 5 perfect gift ideas that are unique and functional for your guests!


1. Vase Gifu Pottery


Inspired by smooth pebbles from rivers and beaches to offer a serene feeling, these beautiful pieces are created by mixing different tones of clay. Carefully insert a single flower stem inside this vase to give a floating appearance or simply use it as an ornament to enhance the aesthetics of the environment.


2. The Copper Cutlery Series

Yet another innovative Japanese creation, these beautiful ice cream spoons and butter knives made of copper are able to cut through ice without heating the cutlery. With its excellent thermal conductivity, copper transfers the heat from your hand to the tip of the cutlery in a matter of seconds.


3. Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser


atomi’s very own aroma series from Aromic Air. This Aromic Essential Oil Diffuser allows your guest to indulge in an assortment of scents to meet their individual needs – be it for days when they need a perk-me-up or simply just because they feel like it. atomi The Aromic Air diffuser is simple to use. It does not require frequent topping up of oils/water and is very easy to replenish once it runs out – perfect for busy and time-starved individuals who still want to enjoy the littlest things in life. It does not result in condensation around the diffuser, leaving the space clean and tidy. With the strength adjustment settings, the diffuser can cover a high area of coverage (up to 62 sqm), making it ideal for both small and large spaces like homes and offices. 


4. atomi’s Original Teacup Set

Simple yet sophisticated, this is atomi’s original teacup set with our logo at the bottom of the cup, made specially by Oda Pottery for atomi. When light passes through, these cups and bowls give an ethereal feel, as polka dots are formed on the walls. Thanks to this luminescent quality, the tableware also can double as tea light holders. 


5. Art Pieces

An iconic Japanese flower, the fleeting beauty of the cherry blossom has been immortalized by Japanese painters for centuries. The painting features the elaborate use of royal gold, contrasting against the purity of the white flowers in glorious full bloom. Hand-painted in gold, this stunning fan art piece will make the perfect centrepiece in elevating the elegance of your living interior.


To find out more, feel free to browse www.atomi.shop or visit us at our boutique store located at 333a Orchard Road #04-26/27 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897.

On behalf of everyone in atomi, we wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! 




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