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12th Anniversary Furniture Collection

This November, atomi is celebrating its 12th anniversary by reintroducing our finest furniture collection. We invite you to discover the new additions to the Tako series by Naoto Fukasawa and the Fugu and T&O series by Jasper Morrison.

tako cushioned armchair

tako armchair with leather cushion

The Tako series, first introduced in Maruni's 2020 Collection, is designed by Naoto Fukasawa with the ambition to create a minimalistic chair that fills a space with character. 

The distinct characteristic of the Tako armchair is its curvatures in the backrest and armrest, which gives the chair a gentle silhouette reminiscent of the profile of an octopus, hence Fukasawa's decision to name the collection Tako. 

Its octopus-like shape was not intentional. It is the result of Fukasawa's resolve to create the curvatures with machine wood-cutting, which was earlier only possible by handcrafting it piece by piece. 

In this new collection, Fukasawa added the upholstery, which he describes as "thin as macaron yet soft and comfortable to sit.", as a step towards elevating the comfort level of the Tako chair series. 


fugu dining table 

Fugu dining table and armless chair

Fugu piloted in Maruni's 2020 collection, which featured a series of arm and armless solid wood chairs designed by Jasper Morrison. 

The fugu chairs were born out of Morrison's vision to create comfortable chairs that need no upholstery and realized through Maruni's precision cutting technology. 

Introducing the Fugu Dining Table was a natural step towards completing the Fugu series, as it extends the range of lounge chairs, lobby chairs, dining chairs, and tables. 

Morrison focused on cleanliness for the Fugu series. Naturally, the Fugu Dining Table shares the same rounded soft edges as the dining chairs to achieve an overall clean look. 

The Fugu dining table is available in four sizes, and they all feature an ellipse-shaped tabletop made of solid wood. 

t1 stackable chair 

T1 stackable chair

Jasper Morrison first introduced the T1 chair in his T&O collection for Maruni in 2016. The T1 chair is a culmination of maruni's wood cutting technique and metalwork to conceal the leg structure within the wooden seat and achieve its clean look. 

The wooden seat and back, joined by the curved strip of sprung steel, form its iconic T-shape look. The contrast between the colored metal legs and curved strip and the wooden seat adds an element of freshness to what would be a familiar typology of wooden chairs. 

The newly designed slim metal legs for the 2021 collection allow up to six T1 chairs to be stacked, hence its name. 

The T1 stackable chair now has four colorways for the steel options - black, silver, green, and red. While silver was previously an exclusive color for Maruni's 90th anniversary, Morrison decided to add to this collection as it harmonizes well with other steel options. 



Pre-order starts from 1st November 2021 

Kindly contact us at andrew@atomi-jp.com or WhatsApp 68874138 / 98515398 for more information. 

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